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Other services: The post excavation phase

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The post excavation phase

Post-excavation work is what happens to the finds and all other records including artifacts, photographs, fossils and much more. From excavations after on-site work finishes. The process is extremely complex and can be more time-consuming than the dig itself.

Excavations produce new data all the time they are happening. Archaeological interpretations of what is being uncovered often change which is why a team of specialist are needed to evaluate the work.

Our post-excavation analysis process consists of studying archaeological materials after an excavation is completed. Through our long-established network within the profession, we have contacts with all the essential specialists in our field of work and can assure the provision of additional services of the highest standard.

  • Archaeological Conservation

  • Artefact Study

  • Artefact Illustration

  • Historical Reconstruction

  • Heritage Interpretation/Management

Contact us for a consultation about your project during and to learn more about our pre-application requirements of the Heritage Archaeology.

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Archaeological Services

At Cardiff Archaeological Consultants we provide a variety of archelogy services explore our Consultancy: Pre-planning advice and Field work: Responding to Planning Conditions. Don't hesitate to contact us directly to learn more about our services and process. 

Consultancy: Pre-planning advice

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If you are in need of consultancy, supplementary information? We will supply assistance across including: 

  • Heritage and Archaeological Desk Based Assessment

  • Archaeological Impact Assessment

  • Geophysical Surveys

  • Archaeological Field Evaluation

  • Written Scheme of Heritage Mitigation

Cardiff Archaeological Consultants will supply you with the information required by the Local Planning Authority, Cadw or Historic England, to inform the application decision process. 


Contact us to find out how I can help today.

Field work: Responding to Planning Conditions

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Do you need guidance on how to respond to planning conditions and obtaining planning permissions? We offer

  • Geophysical Surveys and Archaeological Field Evaluation

  • Building Survey and Recording

  • Watching Brief

  • Archaeological Excavations

To find out more, get in touch.

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